Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the salon

i heard somewhere that in the service industry the customer is always right. obviously the stylists at the salon i visited yesterday have never heard this particular nugget of wisdom. i was ignored, until desperation drove me to overcome my innate shyness in these female havens of beauty, to inquire about when i would be attended to. this was perhaps my worst idea ever for never have i had to deal with such rudeness, i started to wonder who would be paying who at the end of this transaction. or maybe they were students of the school of thought which hold the view that the snobbier the attendants are then the higher the class or status of the organisation. obviously a lot of people must hold this view course despite their rudeness they didnot seem to lack customers.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

speakin' freely

all my life, i've dreamed of a friend in whom i could place all my trust, i could tell her anything with no repercussions or reprimands, she would just listen, and smile i could tell her about all who wronged me and who i have wronged and how truly sorry i was, i could tell her all the evil i thought and all the evil i wrought and she would not runaway screaming bloody murder. i could be myself and not be scared that maybe i wasn't worth very much once i truly was myself. i could put down the shield i hold against the rest of the world because it truly weighs a ton. whenever i felt i had found such a friend i realised she was not the one. till now that is. i've found the one, my new found friend, the world at large.