Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Size Matters

So I may have inadvertently impugned some guy's masculinity on twitter, sorry, but it got me thinking.
Size; is bigger always better?
Let's start with boobs since I have a set of those and while I'm not a member of the itty-bitty-titty parade, I'm no double d bombshell either I'm average. But I don't think I'd mind if I were smaller, hey I'm happy I got some cuz they took their sweet time getting here.
I mean isn't their purpose to provide u with a means feeding your young? So as long as u r capable of providing sustenance for your progeny, what does it matter if your tools are ant bite sized or gigantic double d's?
And dude, u don't shoot blanks and u don't have a problem rising to the occasion, what does it matter if u are equipped with a derringer or shotgun?
Well since I'm not naïve or innocent I know that to a lot of people it does matter, you've heard all the er.... Perks of being less endowed. For the ladies they say gravity doesn't get to you as much, you'll be perky long after boobilicious has flattened out, and hey usually small up means u get the booty to compensate and who doesn't like a nicely shaped derrière?
For the little men, praise about the stamina, endurance, excellent technique and willingness to please are heaped on their heads by many. Its not the size of the liner but the motion of the ocean.
But don't these platitudes just bring to bear the point that size matters? Bigger is better and we have to find something to tell those who fall below average to bolster their egos?
Personally I don't think size is important in these instances. I mean why should the fact u are smaller through no fault of yours but just your luck in genetic material determine your desireability to the opposite sex?
If u are obese then size matters because that's something that you can do something about, but how big or small your boobs are, are beyond your control.
Anyone that picks you or rejects you because of how big or small your endowments are is a superficial idiot, but then that's just my opinion, what do I know?
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Space for one

Is it possible to love more than one person at a time? To feel the same thing for two different people; the quantity and quality of that feeling being exactly the same for both people?
And I'm not just talking about romantic feelings, this goes for parents; a mother, does she love all her children equally? No favourites? Is that even possible?
Can a child bear both parents the same amount of love? If u only had one chance to save one friend would u let both drown cuz you couldn't choose one you loved the most to save?
Or is love; our feelings for the people in our lives like the list in my Secondary school, the "order of merit" with only one spot for the one you love the most and are all the rest just alternatives, options or second choices?
If so then it must really suck when you are not number one on your number one's list.
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