Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Kid

I pass in front of my nursery school everyday on my way to the gym (yes, I'm finally going to the gym). Today I was thinking about my graduation from nursery school and I remembered a friend's blog post about a letter they would write to their past self. I wondered what I'd tell that 4year old version of myself if I could meet her, so here goes...
Hey kid,
Grab a paper and pencil and write all this down, first the bad news, 20yrs from now, you'll still be in school, sorry the mango business didn't work out like you planned. Please study hard with a little effort you can be a real brainiac!
Cartoons are great, you don't have to outgrow them and watch out for 'Megamind' its really cool. Bananas aren't gonna make ur voice any better, give it up already.
Daddy isn't a saint, and Adoma is pretty cool.
Leap frog is a fun game! Don't worry u aren't that heavy, u won't break anyone's back. You are always gonna lose every race u run, cuz u just can't run very fast.
In jss when u think he's broken your heart, he hasn't and the very next year he coming begging to you on his knees and u can tell him to f**k off! (But be nice, he's still gonna be one of ur best friends)
Wear shoes, mummy is right or else u won't be able to mention ur shoesize in public.
Keep reading, books are always going to be your best friends. Try to avoid falling so much, the scars don't go anywhere.
When u miraculously lose all that weight in SSS, don't take it for granted! work at maintaining it or U'll just gain it all back and then some (or at the very least take a lot more pictures of your skinny body!!).
Oh and there are some people in SSS u shd avoid like the plague, though you'll keep meeting them, wherever you go and the C2 class prefect is gonna be one of your best friends, so just stick with her. First day of school, find "sis" Charlene tell her about Laura and don't dump ur food in the trash when dat mean senior tells u to. Put that quiet Form1 girl in the bunk next to you, she's cool.
There are some boys you r gonna hate admitting you even knew so after SSS learn to bake or go for computer classes or something to keep yourself occupied and avoid the idiots.
University, keep ur eyes out for this really cool dude that gonna sweep u off ur feet, even though his arrogance is really annoying! Go to Brunei often there's someone there u have to meet! In Final year some idiot is gonna try and steal ur laptop so keep ur windows locked!!!
Generally keep the stupid sh*t to a minimum cuz you'll remember every single one with amazing clarity! Nothing u do will help u escape the consequences.
Take risks, don't let fear hold u back from some of the best things that could happen to you. Save a lot more, stuff just keep getting more expensive! and there are way cooler stuffer u'd want to own.
Don't forget God, U need him more than u need anyone or anything, if u do it takes a lot of work to find Him again.
Be true to yourself, don't compromise on what you believe in and remember that whatever you give yourself to, gives back to you.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Power over me

The power to hurt me.
Very few people have it.
But no one has as much of it as you do
Everytime I think I've taken it all back
All the power you have to hurt me
You do something carelessly, thoughtlessly
something I shouldn't care about
But I do
And it hurts
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