Friday, March 4, 2011

Growing Pains

It's March, the bestest best month of the year; mainly because it was the month in which I was born.
I love birthdays especially my birthday.
This year its bittersweet; birthday means more than cakes, presents and fun its means growing up, growing older. It means choices, repercussions and responsibilities. It means expectations and can you meet them?
So I'm gonna be older before this month is done and this year I'm making it about more than cakes, personally that is; don't worry all my loved ones, your roles in my birthday are still the same: yes immature A is still alive and kicking! I'm growing older not insane! I still have the wish list and please refer to said wishlist if u are having any difficulties finding me a gift.
The Wishlist.
1. A surprise party ( all loved ones can pitch in with this one)
2. A car
3. An HP Envy laptop, 14" special Beats edition
4. An Ipad#2 3G or a Playbook
5. Beats by Dre earphones
6. A BlackBerry Bold 9780, white with a sexy new case to protect the colour.
7. An external Hard disk- 500g and upwards
8. Jewellery
9. Lipgloss, preferably from H&M or Victoria's secret
10. Shoes and/or bags ( contact in camera for shoe size)
11. African Print cloth
12. Gym membership or swimming lessons
13. A Spa Day or weekend if u are feeling particularly generous
14. Cake- red velvet, black forest, or just very chocolately cake
15. BIS (? service) payment for the month of YOUR choice.
16. A plane ticket to a destination of my choice
17. Money - cash, cheque or any viable payment method.
18. Perfume ( covet by Sarah Jessica Parker if possible but any other kind will be appreciated)
This list is in no particular order and is intended as a guide. Friends and Family can present gifts not included on this list and remember its the thought that counts; always.
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