Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Years

There was my first year in SSS, then my first year in university. And both times u were there; have been there ever since.
And like everything, everybody that doesn't cause u pain, well I'm ashamed to say, I've taken u for granted.
I assume u'll always be here and I don't say thank u often enough.
U been around when I was happy and when I was sad. U stood by me when I was stupid and hurtful, and gave me advice even when I fought it.
When I think about my first years, my beginnings, those times when I most needed guidance and support, those times when I most needed a friend they are filled with memories of you.
I stood at Gaza, at our wall and thought about my first year there, with you and I realised I never said thanks, for being there. For guiding me, and being there for me. For making my first year extraordinary.
Basically thank you for being you. Its been a long time coming, thanks for being my friend.
P.S. The song should have been called 'Part of me'. Its the only title that makes sense!
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Midnight thoughts

Why do we love even when it hurts,
And what do u do when love dies
Why do we grow older when youth holds so much joy,
And the belief that we are invulnerable.
Why do I lie awake at night with confused thoughts and a yearning heart
Why does time speed up when I beg it to drag
And drag when I wish that it would fly
Why am I me, and you, you
And is it too late to change?
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life happened

I visited my old school recently, had fun but it was still a weird experience.
I have missed that place,well all of it except the lectures.
I had fun in that school. Though it wasn't all fun. There was heartache. And pain.
There was this day that I will never forget; I sat on the roof in my hostel and cried my heart out, positive that I could never get over that pain but guess what, I did. That roof was the scene of many pivotal events and epiphanies of my college years.
So I sat on my roof again and thought about my life then and my life now; I had a lot of time on my hands in college and my priorities were different, now I can hardly take time to breathe
People I spent all my time with in school, I hardly talk to anymore; things I thought were essential, I hardly think about anymore.
And its not just me; all around me, people I went to school with, friends I shared my college life with are evolving, changing. We hardly have time for each other anymore. We go days without talking when before we couldn't go an hour before checking in.
I've drifted from my friends, my wants, needs and desires have changed, and I wondered why?
Then it hit me, life happened, I'm all grown up or at least well on my way to growing up and there's no going back
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've never been one who yearned to be held
Always slept like the dead when no one else was in my bed
I've never particularly understood why you would need to be cradled
Never hugged too long, or shook hands at will
But with you I get it, with you I crave it
To be held, to be cuddled
To hold hands whilst driving
I sit beside you in a crowded room
And I wish we were alone so I could touch you
With you, I finally understand it
The power of a touch...
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I wish you would scale the walls for me
I wish you would hear my silent scream
I wish you could see the tears that don't fall from my eyes
Feel the shudders that wrack my body as I try to hold on
I wish you could stop the pain, the despair
I wish you would, you could save me.....
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