Friday, December 10, 2010

When I doubt; do it all!

I am not any kind of fashion guru. In fact my knowledge of fashion is probably limited to this *Accessorise! Accessorise! Then take one thing of before you leave the house!* I think Coco Chanel said something similar but I'm not sure. I heard it and it made sense so I adopted it.
Anyway, personally I have no deep fashion insights to impart to the world. I hate dressing up, it's way too much work. My boyfriend is always complaining about the laidback attitude to how I look but hey I'm a lazy girl.
But today what little fashion sense I have was offended by what I saw on the streets of Accra! So I will speak about that which I know little about. This girl walking in DC at 3:00 pm, had a multicoloured weave, sunglasses (huge ones), a mini boob dress in a glaring shade of pink, denim trousers, boots and topped it all off with a pashmina cuz apparently she was cold! When it was so hot u could cook rice on the street wiv solar energy and it would probably burn!
I just wanna say kudos to you sweetie, I'm positive u've kept with all the fashion trends in some of the coldest regions of the world and u were able to combine them all into one outfit! So what if u look ridiculous! I doubt you left anything out!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am happy, as happy as a clam. Unfortunately my angst is the inspiration for my writing so I'm happy and have nothing to write about. But I'm to happy to care!
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