Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Years

There was my first year in SSS, then my first year in university. And both times u were there; have been there ever since.
And like everything, everybody that doesn't cause u pain, well I'm ashamed to say, I've taken u for granted.
I assume u'll always be here and I don't say thank u often enough.
U been around when I was happy and when I was sad. U stood by me when I was stupid and hurtful, and gave me advice even when I fought it.
When I think about my first years, my beginnings, those times when I most needed guidance and support, those times when I most needed a friend they are filled with memories of you.
I stood at Gaza, at our wall and thought about my first year there, with you and I realised I never said thanks, for being there. For guiding me, and being there for me. For making my first year extraordinary.
Basically thank you for being you. Its been a long time coming, thanks for being my friend.
P.S. The song should have been called 'Part of me'. Its the only title that makes sense!
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