Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Final Fresh Start

The Hiatus is officially over;I'M BACK! 
So I'm a fully qualified and "gainfully" employed legal practitioner. I'm no longer a student (well technically I'm taking some finance classes, so I guess I'm no longer a Full time student). I spend a majority of my time drafting dry legal proceedings, I've even started dreaming about work and I desperately need a creative outlet so I'm back to where it all began; here with y'all (yes I'm fully aware no one reads this Blog).
I'm undertaking two projects. The first one is inspired by my favourite "Form 1 girl" and fellow blogger Rambling Loner. I'm going to try my hand at writing a serial novel, I'm not sure what it will be about or if it will even be any good but I'll try and I will see it through to an end, be it good or bad.
Secondly, I'm undertaking a self improvement project. I have issues, some I adore and several I avoid thinking about as they depress me. This year I'll address Three of said depressing issues: my weight, my laziness or as I prefer to call it, disorganisation and my lack of "follow through" (which probably stems from my laziness and disorganisation). And to ensure that I follow through I will document my efforts, here, on this blog (sorry in advance, you might be in for some really self absorbed posts).
I hope at the end of the year I'm proud of myself, that at the end of the year I'm a little bit better than I was at the beginning of the year. 
Naturally(for me anyway) I make all these decisions at the start of March, the month of my birth. Maybe this time, for the first time, I'll surprise myself... 

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  1. yaaaay!! i ALWAYS knew i was your favourite!! Rosebud and Wendy can suck it!!
    *does a little dance, trips over feet and falls flat on face, still grinning*