Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's talk About Sex Baby

I had an interesting conversation with two of my favourite people yesterday and I decided to share it with y'all.
There we were, three beautiful Ghanaian girls hanging out one hot afternoon talking about everything under the sun and as it is often wont to, the conversation moved to SEX. in particular the myths surrounding sexual prowess and how true they really were. 'Simone' my gregarious fun-loving and surprising insightful friend of three years(and current resident expert on all things sexual ) gave a list of characteristics a good lover should possess, maybe u've heard a few;
for guys, great sexual ability have been linked to everything from having big feet, to dimples on his back, big hands and with girls the stories get even more outrageous if she's a big girl (especially a big busted girl) means she a nympho, long legs indicate a proficiency with more complicated positions, big behind means she's a fan of the rear entry position and the list goes on and on. now 'Becky' the self proclaimed virgin of the group (of course I don't believe her for a second) jumped right in with her own theories and we went on and on for hours until we had completely exhausted the topic for now.
as I sat there I realised several things
in the three years that we've been friends Simone, Becky and I have had several variations of this same conversation several times and it never gets old. And they are not the only friends with whom I discuss sex with, whether its about how often girls fake orgasms and why (yes sweetie, every girl fakes it at least once in her life) or why virginity is not such a big deal. it seems humans are very pre-occupied with the issue of sex and seriously I don't really understand why? I mean its great and all ( at least that's what I hear) but must we obsess over it so much.
that there can't really be any truth to all these tales about the keys to great sexual prowess, can there? and also what exactly does it mean to say someone is good in bed.
a lot of people have hang ups about homosexuality but are totally cool with lesbianism, seriously they are one and the same so make up your mind. personally I believe to each his own, what ever floats your boat, sister.
and finally when I have kids I hope I establish a strong enough relationship with them that they can come to me with any questions they have about sex, because I realised today that I know a lot about sex, I have no idea when I realised that the stork did not bring babies and that sex was well sex but I know I learnt none of what I know from my parents.


  1. ehem..err is there an age restriction on here? :P oh well, lemme go the old-fashioned way. "SEX!! YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT SEX"! Now the modern way; "oh sex, nothing new there".
    I still believe the stork brings babies y'know..(watched waaay to many cartoons). Thou shalt not commenteth any furthereth :)

  2. nice piece. very informal, but i think u shud take a second look at ur structure. beginin sentences with small letters n all that. Achiaa, i have enjoyed readin this one.interesting wat girls talk abt....i have a feelin i know who Becky is....skkkkk