Monday, December 14, 2009

With love, to my friend.

I worry about you, my friend

I see you free falling and I worry. I know I feel a lot of guilt for where you are right now because I played a role in getting you there. Of course then I feel very self centred for thinking your issues have anything to do with me. But it’s not the guilt that keeps me running back to you whenever you call. At first I thought it was, but it isn’t. It’s what I see in you. Someone told me that he wished I could see in myself what he sees in me and now I want to say the same to you, my friend.

“I see such greatness in you, I always have, greatness worth working for. There are few people that I believe in as much as I believe in u, the first one is the man I love, the second one my brother from another mother and then there is you, another man I love.

This is why I come when you call, this is why I forgive you for the numerous times you let me down, this is why I will always be there for you.

So my dear friend I love you and I’m worried because I don’t think you are as in control as you think you are, and I don’t think you know how much you mean to me.”

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