Friday, December 11, 2009

A reason to write

I started this blog so I could have an anonymous audience with which to go on and on about my favourite topic ... Me. My consistency or lack thereof in posting has been evidence of the fact that this is my emotional sounding board. Recently I have been suffering from writers’ block and despite the emotional turmoil in my life I couldn’t put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as the case maybe. Then you told me you read my blog and like my writing. You told me that I had inspired you to write and became my inspiration. I thought I wanted an anonymous audience but I discovered I like knowing that someone out there actually thinks I’m worth reading. So thank you my fan and all of you who read my blog. You gave me a reason to write.


  1. Despite your ranting about not being much of an author, your blog says otherwise. I love the way you make the words come alive in your posts and at the sametime allowing traces of your emotions to linger in the scripts. Writing is an art and though your username does not read Shakespeare I believe you have a budding talent. Nurture it and go ahead and let your emotions flow they are the key to good literary pieces.

  2. Mr PAGE says it well. Please keep writing and all the best.