Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daddy's little girl

Today is my dad's birthday. I have no idea how old he is because dude was 50 years old for like three years running.
I love my dad, infact my boyfriend says my dad is the one man in my life he is aware he is second to, (but really you arent. I love u both equally but in different ways!). So on the anniversary of his birth I'm going to dedicate this blog to the man who fathered me.
He has always been someone whose approval meant a lot to me and though now that I'm older and hopefully wiser I am fully aware that he is not without his faults, his opinions carry a lot of weight with me. He is far from perfect but then who isn't. A lot of my choices in life, the school i went to the profession I'm pursuing, were greatly influenced by my Dad, infactsome people would even say my taste in men is greatly influenced by my father. Essentially I'm the poster child for the stereotypical daddy's little girl.
My Dad wasnt always around when I was growing up, work took him out of the city a lot, but that only meant that having him around was tantamount to a special occasion that trumped christmas (at least in my estimation).
There many ways in which I wish my relationship with my Dad was different but till then I'm happy you are my Dad and I love you loads! Happy Birthday Daddy!

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