Friday, October 29, 2010

The depths to which we have sunk.

I heard some disturbing news yesterday, and if you are resident in Ghana, you've probably heard it too.
Apparently a group of armed robbers stopped a bus on the road to somewhere in the Northern Region and after robbing the passengers, they forced the men on the bus to rape the women. Even worse a man on the bus was forced at gunpoint to rape his own daughter.
Now I didnot get my news firsthand so it may be a little distorted but if there's even an iota of truth to this story then the depravity of the robbers is astounding.
A far as I know Ghanaians have always been a very straightforward bunch with run of the mill crimes where the motive is always clear even if it was unpleasant, I mean we are not without sin, but our motivations were obvious; greed murder, lust, with the obviously insane pedophiles thrown in here and there. Totally senseless and random acts of violence like this were unheard of.
Some have claimed the acts perpetuated by the robbers were ritually motivated, still doesn't make it any easier to understand.
Just hearing about it was even to give me serious chills, my heart and prayers goes out to the victims.
As for the perpetuators, sometimes we forget that our actions have consequences, you can't destroy the lives of so many people and not think that God will not hear their tears.


  1. I pray for the victims too. I wonder what the robbers were thinking?

  2. I seriously doubt that there was one positive thought in their brains at that moment