Monday, October 25, 2010

T. M. I.

Too much information! This is a condition that we have all suffered from at a given point in time especially if you are, like me,an incurably inquisitive person, nosy to the point of rudeness.
My curiosity is not limited to any particular person, topic or area of study. I'm interested in any and everything and or person particularly things that are none of my business.
On the plus side this means that I usually have a lot of totally random information floating through my brain which can be quite useful; once in a while someone asks me a question which in the normal scheme, I should have no idea about but surprisingly I know the answer!
Of course there are negative side effects, with soo much stuff in your head its easy to get confused and get your facts wrong. Worse still, sometimes my insatiable curiosity comes up and bites me in the ...erm ...what's the more polite word for 'ass'?
This happened to me yesterday, I asked one too many questions and ended up with way waaay too much information!

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