Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to Blue!

You are not the only one; at least not anymore.
At a point in time, you were my life but not anymore.
My heart has room for two; or maybe even more.
But don't despair, this doesn't mean I love the new one more.
Just that the flash that comes with the new has currently blinded me to what is true.
And that is you and me.
But baby please remember me, and the love I have for you
So though it seems I pay you no mind, I would never give you up
I moved heaven and earth to ensure that I could have you both
I love you both just in different ways, not one more than the other.
You were my first, the one I choose for no other reason but for what you are
I saw a picture of you and knew you were meant to be mine and somehow we came to be.
So now you are not the only one but remember boo this is not the first time another had infringed on our love, and what was the end of that interloper?
So bear with my as I have my fling and know to you, I will always return...
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  1. abi, this AFFAIR is with ur BB? smh...

  2. And you wrote this at which time of the day?

  3. I hope u r talking about ur BB? If so don't worry my PS3 is filling the void just perfectly.