Thursday, November 4, 2010


I had all these topics i wanted to share with all of you this morning; from my views on the new confusing developments in the whole hijacked bus situation, to how much i hate being dependant on my parents for financial support at my advanced age and how much I miss my boyfriend cuz nowadays it seems like even when i do see him we are both so pre-occupied I don't seem to get my fix of him.
However i cant discuss any of these significantly more interesting topics because frankly i do not feel like it. I woke up this morning in a really wierd mood. Everyone around me was pissing me off, for no aparent reason. I found myself missing the wierdest missing people; like my roommate from final year and my best friend from boarding school, actually think I might have dreamt about them.
Thing is i couldn't talk about what i wanted to talk about this morning because considering my emotional state it is very likely that i'll be very irrational in my views but I still wanted to blog hence this very random post.

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