Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Boogieman Exists!

Okay I was wrong and they were right. This place just might kill me yet. I was rash in assuming that just because they survived it I would too.
I've gone through my educational life doing just enough to get by, I've never been the best student in my class but I was never the worst either. People always told me if these were the grades I got when I was not a particularly serious student then imagine what I could achieve if I actually made an effort.
Well first of all, just because I don't kill myself doesn't mean the grades I get are effortless because trust me, I put in a lot of effort; and secondly what makes you'all so sure this isn't the most I'm capable of?
Anyway, I decided to find out once and for all; to actually put in all the effort I was capable of and finally know my full potential, well I really picked a crappy place to start being serious!
The workload is incredible and I can hardly keep my head above water. I can't sleep because of the large number of the stuff I have to read and analyse, and exhaustion drives me to literally fall asleep in my books. I woke up this morning with bags under my eyes! (yet still no weight loss)
Studying and going to school from Home for the first time in like SEVEN years ( who am I kidding; its more like the first time ever cuz I never studied in primary school or JSS) is also not helping!
I just hope I survive it, and no matter what happens at least I know I tried and that at one point in my life I actually gave something my all, and if this experience is anything to go by then I have some really great people in my life: people who listen to my whine, a boyfriend who don't complain when school continually trumps hanging out with him, a mum that drives me to and from school so I don't have to resort to public transportation ( and by this I mean Trotro! seriously I need a car, if you want to contribute to my car fund let me know and I'll tell you how You can send my the Money or Keys) and then doesn't snap back when I snap at her because I'm tired and cranky and she asked 'how was school?', a sister who buys me lunch everyday, a friend that stays online with me so I don't fall asleep when I have school work to catch up on, the list goes on and on, love you all and who knows maybe I will survive this yet.

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