Monday, November 8, 2010


psychiatric disorder with delusions of power: a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences delusions of great power and importance

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So all through my childhood, I harboured this secret belief ( secret cuz even at that age I knew how insane people would find me) that my life was a movie starring yours truly as the protagonist; everyone I met was just a character in the movie of my life put on this earth so they could have a role in my life, the people I passed on the street, created to be extras in said movie and as the star of the movie no one was more important than me! I even had voice overs and soundtracks or theme music for significant scenes in my life.

Now older and wiser I suspect this is not necessarily the case, I know the world does not revolve around me but I did keep certain aspects of my childhood delusions. I still do voice overs for certain moments in my life, always in my head of course, and the music also remained.

There are several songs that I will always associate with particular events and people in my life; like John legend's album 'Get lifted' will always be the music I remember when I think of the year after I finished Secondary School, when I think about my Mum the song I remember is Nana Acheampong's 'na enka be yeden na ye wo ya' cuz we used to dance to it at every party we went to; my pal from SS, any Missy Elliot Song cuz in my mind a Missy song played every time she walked into the room, the theme song for my first year in college was 'conceited' by Remy.

Some people, their theme music changes from time to time, like my boyfriend, when we met it was 'Me and You' by Cassie, then when we first started going out it 'Can't leave him alone' ciara ft 50cents, then 'No Air' Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, and now its Forever By M.I.; my dear friend has also had a lot of songs and we are finally on 'count on me' by Bruno Mars.

Music means a lot to me and I'm always up for trying new songs of different genres, I suppose that's why most of my emotions towards people are linked with music, if I know you and have any kind of association with you, I've probably assigned a song to you so when you see me ask me what your theme song is...


  1. Awesome! I grew up thinking that my whole life was some melodrama that my mother had put me in. I would occasionally stare out of a car window wildly looking for the camera crew, etc. I even asked my mom a few times and I would get a sweet but concerned, "you are not serious." If she was stressed, she would retort, "this is not a film Victor, this is REAL life."

    As for music, I always have songs that are rocking my world. Right now it is "Black star" Richy Pitch featuring Manifest and sadly, "Runaway Love" and "See Me Now" from Kanye West's soon to be released album.

    Nice to know I was not alone... :)


  2. @victor.U just made my day, was starting to think i was the only kid with an overactive imagination out there, welcome brother