Saturday, October 31, 2009

All is fair in Love and War II

Is it fair to ask someone to give up everything for you when

  • · u have no intention of doing the same
  • · that person has not even asked you to

Is it fair to get mad when that person is up front about your place in their lives? Is it immature to be upset about being the other woman when that’s the position available for the other person in your life?

Human relationships are so complex and diverse; in my new position as an observer of human nature( due to my sudden abundance of free time) I have realised there are no absolutes in life, “good” people do bad things and “bad” people love with all their hearts. So maybe we should never ask or expect more from others than we do from ourselves....


  1. You have very good observational skills. Life is never black and white like many people think. There are various shades of grey in between.

  2. I agree we shouldn't ask or expect more than we are prepared to give. But that works against the grain of human nature, methinks. It's a tough old world!