Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm so confused,
I could trust my feelings
but that would mean I have made a fundamental mistake
that would mean I'm not as good a judge of character as I've always believed

I'm so confused,
when I enter I feel the glare
when I turn I spy the smirk

I could trust my feelings and stop before I lose all pride
I could ignore it all and experience something wonderful
but what if my feelings are right,
what if it is not paranoia but justifiable apprehension
I'm so confused . . .


  1. i think you should go ahead and trust your feelings it always works....but then if,for some reason, it doesnt work(hey,that's life
    !) you at least had some experience not many people have had. and if you realize it was a big mistake, which is good, you tell at least 10 ppl not to take that path....think of the difference you would make in their lives n how greatful they would be to sae make that 'mistake' ;) thats life..and rememba ure not no one expects perfection from u

  2. Don't not do something because of fear of 'them', I say go for it. It's better than a life spent wondering what if...

  3. Go for it I think, if your feelings are right, chalk it up to experience. But if you step back, you'll never know if you were right or wrong.

  4. alright then i will take the advice of the majority and go for it, let u know what happens.

  5. sometimes what we feel is wrong and shouldnt be acted upon....but we still ask for the advise of others without giving them full details because we want to hear them say we should go for it...just so we would feel better about doing it...if your feelings dont add up right, then deal with them until the feelings go away
    Like having something with your sister's would still be wrong no matter what you feel

  6. i agree wiv d second anonymous person. i couldnt have said it better.

  7. Its been quite sometime since you posted this, so I ask how did it go?