Friday, October 30, 2009


The call woke me up at dawn, ok it was more like 8am but when you just went to bed four hours ago it feels like dawn. Anyway, the voice over the phone (it was way too early for me to wrap me head around who the voice belonged to, so I still don’t who messed up my sleep) informed me that my 5pm class had been moved up to 1:30.

They say bad news comes in pairs, just as I dragged myself to the bathroom to wake myself up a cold shower; another call, this time to inform me of a hitherto unknown assignment to be submitted at none other than the newly established 1:30 class.

At this point realising that my wonderfully scheduled day had gone up in flames I dedicated the rest of my day to preparing an assignment I was a 100% sure was never given ( kids, here’s some free advice; never follow the crowd, do only what YOU believe is right).

Now this is where it gets frustrating and annoying, I go for the class with my neatly typed and printed assignment, the lecturer (about whom I’ll reserve all comments after all anyone could be reading even you, Mr...)

  • · mentions the assignment; insists he gave it to as last week to be submitted this week
  • · states that due to low level of attendance, the lecture will be replaced with a tutorial session
  • · then he goes ahead and has a lecture anyway

at this point the lack of sleep and extensive use of my brain too early in the day, combined with my lecturer’s confusing actions means I sat through a 2 hour lecture and left the class no wiser in the law.

Then, this distinguished lecturer leaves the class without collecting the assignment I spent all morning labouring over (and threw all my plans for the day [mainly sleeping but hey! sleep is important] out the window to complete on time) but not before he gives another assignment.

All in all today was a lovely day, don’t you agree?


  1. Lol! Lecturers r fickle s he even sure he gave this assignment out. You are good I would have marched up to him and handed him the thing. Imagine, he's going around depriving people of sleep, nonesense man!

  2. thanks Nsoromma, I wish i had the guts to hand in the unwanted assignment but sadly i can only vent online