Saturday, October 10, 2009


The room was well lit yet i got the same feeling one gets in a horror flick, just before the scary, bloodthirsty killer jumps out from behind the hero and saws him in half.
Then HE walks up to me and the torture begins .................
Up and Down, Left and Right, Side to Side
till every bone in my body aches
and every muscle burns with pain
this is pure torture and i willingly submitted to it
can i plead temporary insanity
i would give anything for some relief
and promise on all i hold dear that i will not consume another morsel if it will save me from another day at the gym................


  1. LOL! I well understand and empathise! It is/will be worth it!

  2. i sincerely hope so because i'm getting discouraged. have yet to get positive feedback from anyone since i started braving this torture chamber of a gym