Sunday, October 18, 2009


LONG, SILKY, HEALTHY HAIR, the mark of beauty in a female ( I was recently informed by a classmate of mine: a boy).
This got me thinking, I have a knack for helping others attain this ideal BUT personally I have been cursed with hair that refuses to grow past chin length.
In my usual pragmatic fashion, (yeah right) I have decided to stop moaning my own mane management issues and dedicate myself to the admirable goal of aiding my sisters in their bid to achieve long, silky, healthy hair, and hope that the gods of the tresses will see my good deeds and reward me accordingly.
But until my gift from the gods arrives I will stick to my refrain
"Oh! I like my hair at this length so I keep cutting it, I have no idea how to manage long hair ( like I couldn't learn)"
and occasionally escape from my reality with the help of other people's hair.


  1. LOL, I like how you are taking the hand life dealt you. Keep on keeping on, long hair is not all it's touted to be.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    long hair is the ish, i can say that because my hair is long but if it was chin length, i will looks for styles that make it stand out

    good luck

  3. @ myne thanks for the support, but deep down i really wish i could at least experience it then i could confidently agree with you
    @ ttlolla, rub it in why don't u. soon the gods will bless me and then we'll be even

  4. haha...girl, stay away from products with petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil. Just do plain old shea butter and coconut oil. Try shampoos with no sulfates to see if it helps... oh and massage your scalp, spritz with plain water and wear a satin head scarf to bed...maybe that might help it to grow better? All the best!

  5. thanks maxine, i'll try. keep ur fingers crossed for me