Friday, October 9, 2009


i promised myself that in 2009 i would turn over a new leaf;
  • i would lose weight sensibly by undergoing a lifestyle change; i.e. healthy diet and exercise not drugs and starvation
  • i would be a better daughter and sister, cuz i have a lovely family and they deserve better
  • i would also be a better friend cuz let's face it i was a pretty crappy friend in the preceding years
  • i would be disciplined and principled, work harder to achieve what i want in life instead of waiting for it to be handed to me (which it never is)
and several more resolutions to that effect.

Today i realized that it is October, two months to the end of the year and
  • if any change has occcured with regards to my body size, then i have gained weight
  • my family love me a lot, but it is not due to any special efforts on my part i guess they realize they are stuck with me so they gotta love me
  • what few friends i had left i lost due to 'my lovely nature'
  • and as for the discipline and principles; well seriously do i have to spell it out for you
i guess i better pray to God that i live to meet 2010 so i can try all over again....


  1. Aww keep going! You will get there!

    Girl, u should blog more often...I enjoy ur blog!

  2. i'm trying to blog more often but it seems to be on of the resolutions i am unable to keep. maybe now with your encouragment i will