Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At Loose Ends

Today was spent doing what I seem to spend all my time doing nowadays; which is absolutely nothing.

I see everyone going about their day with purpose and focus; my schedule for the day is depressingly empty.

I never thought I would say this but having so much free time is slowly driving me insane.

It doesn’t help that apart from having nothing to do, I am alone.

Basically I have all this time to spend with only myself, surrounded by couples with so much to do that they have very little time for their lonely friend with too much time on her hands.

This is an urgent, desperate appeal; someone please help me before I jump off a building; At least then I'll have something to do. . .


  1. I know you write very well. Why not concentrate on that? I can't work right now and spend more time at home. But I do some volunteer work, joined a writing group and make out time daily to write something.

    Don't feel too bad for yourself, take caharge and you'll be fine. OK maybe you need to find some admirers or BFs to be, they do make life more interesting, LOL

  2. thank you so much. I am writing a lot more now. but still wish i connect with someone; i don't do too well on my own