Friday, October 23, 2009


I spent last night watching a show (instead of studying for mid semester exams) called "lie to me", and in it there is a guy that practises radical honesty. He never lies; not even by omission.
I was impressed and thought about how simpler life would be if we took a page out of his book and gave radical honesty a try. Hey the truth is supposed to set you free, isn't it?
But what about the person who hears the truth, how free that is make him or her? Not all lies are told maliciously, there are the little white lies we tell to spare someone's feelings , or to be polite, the stuff we don't say because they are unnecessary; I mean do you really have to tell your mother that her favourite dress makes her look fat, or your girlfriend that last Christmas you got drunk and made out with a random girl you will probably never see again, or your husband that he doesn't even make the list of the top ten lovers you have ever had?
I guess, all I really want to know is; is the freedom we get from telling the truth worth the pain we might cause; does radical truth really simplify life or is it just an excuse to be a selfish, rude, in considerate but truthful person?

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  1. In my opinion, truth is simply truth, how u tell it and when u tell it differ from if you tell it at all. In investment banking there is a phrase known as "insider trading". It simply describes a situation where one party possesses valuable information that could affect the price of a stock which the counter party has no knowledge about. Not telling the truth works in the same way. Though it might be dificult sometimes to tell the truth or to receive it, deep down we all admire not just a lil' bit but total honesty.